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Good vs Evil, for the Love of Our Planet
Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 09:53 PM

7 yrs ago I stopped playing music and much more to help Save the Planet in the Good vs Evil War.


Please read more of MY STORY by clicking read more lower left.

Hi Folks, 7 years ago I was pulled into a Higher Consciousness movement, recruited by God -Creator - Source - Divine Energy, It is hard to explain how it all came down and when I realized what was happening, It wasn't like a Invitation hey your cordially Invited to help Humanity...LOL. However you wish to view this with our Universe, Its still got me on the wtf happened for a 2 month period in 2010. My current Mission at this time is helping the War on truth, Good vs Evil on Our Planet. Im on the Good side, How about you?

Playing Guitar - Producing Music has been put to the Back burner for the time being.

By Now, you all must be able to see changes going on, Some Good but many very Bad changes developing throughout our Planet, Our Country.

BTW just about "EVERY" MSM is following a Script and it is NOT To Benefit YOU or ME but the Folks who Took out JFK. This is from Our current timeline but this War goes Back thousands & thousands of Years.

Fake News from CNN to FOX to MSNBC to ABC,CBS,NBC. Look elsewhere People, Use >DISCERNMENT< They are following Orders to whomever is their Puppet master. MSM will change in time once all is exposed & other such but at this time NO.... Sorry and NO I am NOT a TRUMP Fan, but he is Aware of the Script that all use for the Propaganda Push to Control the masses.

Let me try to explain Fake News a bit too. Its NOT 100% Fake all the time... doh. Its the 30%<just picking a Number for this example, they slip in a Reality Scheme with tonnes of propaganda , Like Never Forget, How many times did Our Leaders Bush & Cheney pitch that?....You do realize we were Lied too on the Iraq War, WMD was never found, Colin Powell has even come out and said as Much and he is Pissed because he was manipulated into pushing the War, he believed the Intel being Passed to him unknowingly being Part of the Inside CON JOB. If you Don't you are in trouble with what is coming. Now that Lie got Our Country to move in Consciousness as "We are United", Remember that propaganda Slogan? The result was > you don't do that to America. FEAR Moves People.

As I write this Manchester just happened a few days ago, I have a writer friend from Scotland, Manchester: What Price for Freedom? by Michael Blair who just wrote a Piece exactly in tone of Questioning. Now the Army is all over the streets and folks are saying do what you must to protect us...You see when we are under rational thought, we are a Different Consciousness and this consciousness is One of Love and it is much Harder to get everyone to work together as we are in Selfish Mode or service to Self but add in explosions, Deaths, Children getting blown up and all kinds and we jump with the FEAR, Folks if you go back through every WAR, you will see the Orchestration of FEAR Events to push the masses. In essence what we do is GIVE CONSENT to Our Leaders, which gives the justification for them to Spend, Create weapons, put Military wherever and we say YAY.......Do it Do it Now, go do what you have to do to get the BOOGIE man FAR away...ALL FEAR BASED.

In Todays world it is easy to see as the technology is more present or Instant than the days of weeks and Months of Intel getting Out of 40 years ago. Learn...LEARN to LOOK, LEARN to SEE.

Now Consciousness works both for the good & Bad because that Consciousness is "US" we are going to Kick some ass Now, is what Americans said....These Events are called False Flags, it move's people via Anger or a Very Negative Event just as Pearl Harbor, Yeah I know what your thinking but when you break it all down...we New what was Coming, add in the technology for the time and well...Inside Job..beside we wanted to see what that Bomb would do to a Population. Look folks thinking is NOT mere seconds, yes at times it is but what I just described to you takes time to put the Puzzle pieces together. Belief has a Equation and the Bad guys know this...remember this One? If you go to the edge of the Planet you will Fall Off....Youngsters will Not but older folks that was a FEAR Based and something we learned in school...Its been going ON for a very Long time. I'm Ready for a Change, how about you? Let me continue....

False does NOT mean it is a False Event and did Not happen or that Nobody got Hurt...People get killed, People get very Hurt and it PISSES off the Masses, wherever this Happens. False means a False Intentions to manipulate Masses for other Objectives that we Normally would say, NO TO THEM. Add in the FEAR Base and we Say Yes....

Now Look Back at how much money, How many Lives were Lost, other Motivations and here we are....All the Wars have been built on Lie's > Viet Nam Lie was the Gulf of Tonkin...we blew up Our own Ship....That Intel was released under the FOI Freedom of TRUTH People. Go Look it up if you struggle with this. In the Last 7 yrs I have spoken to roughly 10K People of all Kinds, Young & Old. People seem to find me and before you know it we have talked for 2, 3 or 4 hours on just about everything to Wars to Religion to the Secret Space Program from 1946 Break away German group at the end of WW2.

If you step away from the TV long enough, you could see so much Truth to the above statement. 6 months Minimum, I remember watching TV after a long period away from the Networks and it wrecked havoc so much to my Soul Vibration it floored me. It took more than a Half a Day to get my mojo back. I am a Empath so it might of hit me Harder.

Besides being a Musician, I am a Intuitive Empath & other Spirit Talents, along with a understanding of Consciousness.

Yes... Just like Deanna Troi on Star Trek Next Generation.

7 yrs ago I stopped playing music and much more to help Save the Planet and everyone & thing you can think of. I have given up everything in my life, to see this through, I can't even tell you the last music show I went too. All I have is my Subaru Car which needs repair and my 4 Guitars which are in storage.

The Illusion is about to come down. See the other Post on my main page Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the "Curtain" Articles / Site Links these youtube videos & Article Site Links will explain much of what is coming down. Some of it is VERY VERY UGLY. Robert David Steele, look for his Name in this other Article I wrote w Links & such...if you care about your Children & your Children's better start to "FIND THE TIME"

It is a War behind the Curtain just as in "Pay No Attention to the Man behind the Curtain" from the Wizard of OZ. Many Movies, TV shows have been trying to Hint or tell us thru those methods. Many of you may have already figured this out.

There is a Plan to help Humanity, There is and will be explained at another time, thru MSM & various channels once the bigger changes commence. Some of these movements are already going forward & some you will see when the Veil-Illusion falls on a Bigger scale.

It truly is a War on Good vs Evil and when the time is more appropriate much will be explained thru MSM when they are NO LONGER BOUGHT to follow a Script or other channels set up to help Humanity Mankind. I have to stay in this War, these battles. I have to follow thru with my part of this.... its for everyone & everything imaginable on OUR Planet. There has been NO Support for any of the LightWorkers, yes there are Millions of us Light workers & Warriors, depending on Understanding & Vibration level.

The Lies we have been told are astronomical. Our History has been so distorted, all to keep hidden many TRUTH's, this keeps us suppressed, inline, controlled following the script & not rocking the boat, unknowing to much....Here is One.

When WW2 ended, we won the War but we lost in Space and NO Im not speaking about Nasa but the "SECRET SPACE PROGRAM" by a Brake away Society group from Germany in 1946. Without getting into a long story here, Star Trek Technologies are Here, many medical technologies and so much more ARE REAL< we helped pay for them = TAXES since 1952 and other off world Help. If any one wants to know more they certainly can write to me, NO Attachments as I will not open these and a proper Subject or it will be deleted. Email Tommy

Much on the Planet is about to change. From Discoveries in Antarctica decades ago to Corrupt DC Politicians going all the way to the top. >Both sides< of the political Spectrum are Involved are Corrupt, the sooner you realize this and STOP Complaining on your Side or Team or Political party you tote for? It's been a CON JOB ...ON all of Humanity. Because it KEEPS Us fighting for our side, our TEAM.

We are all in this Together



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