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Posted on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 11:57 AM
Soft Disclosure is already Happening but DISCLOSURE of the Bigger details is {Click read More Lower Left}

Corey Goode on Nordic Extraterrestrials working with Religious Leaders for Disclosure

Right around the Corner if not Day. Recently I have been hearing Nasa is planning a

Announcement too in regards to Intelligent Alien Life. Although the Media is claiming a false story, this is how it continues

to be Manipulated. Read & do as much Homework as I have in the Many years of my life and you come to the same conclusion.

Ancient Aliens is a good place to begin, read as many articles as you can, Both Dr Michael Salla & David Wilcox is a very good Start. Discern & Learn.

Disclosure is such a Huge topic with Suppressed Deep History of Truths in regards to Our Planet, that I felt its Own Post was Needed and Now is the Time.

Written by Dr Michael Salla on June 27, 2017. Posted in Exotheology, Featured.

Just click the Picture and it will take you directly to Michael's Page at Exopolitics.

I also recommend reading much of Dr Michael Salla's articles as he brings quite a bit in, as the Gene Roddenberry Meeting with the U.S. Navy Admiral back in the early 60's to help formulate "STAR TREK"

As I mentioned in other Posts, Belief is a Tricky Equation and much of how we have been suppressed comes thru this Equation, created

with Fear much of the time, other times its the "Allure of Hope also Sets the Hook". Take a Moment or 2 to think about those words. Really Ponder this!

Human Behavior is a very wild aspect to Our Being, so many times a reaction to something Far Out is:

I just Don't believe that or if it were true, then they would tell us....NO, they wouldn't.....Take time to "Think" "Question"

Its a Known Fact...Wars are Built on Lies. FACT!! If the Old Guard-Leaders would Lie to Start a War and then Spin it as WMD

which in the current timeframe of 2017, the People of Our Planet Now Know that to have been a Lie to get us into Iraq Gulf War,

do you Not think they would Lie to suppress something as Free energy or Anti Gravity, just look at what the Oil Companies do...

These groups are all Connected, its how this Puzzle works. I also can Guarantee this rabbit hole goes much much deeper, so keep a Open Mind.

that is exactly how the Belief Door stays closed, And we as Humanity are Held back, what you don't know you don't Question or

ask for or try to understand or Build upon, its how the BAD GUYS worked it all on us. You must Ponder "all" whether "True or False",

This is how "we" continue to grow move forward in Consciousness and Understanding. No you don't have to solve it in minute, a hour,

sometimes its days, Months or years.... But Ponder what is in front of you. Idea's, other Inventions come from a Knowing of

a Previous concept or observed situation, No Not always but this stimulates the Creative process thus why its used against us.

The equation works in the opposite to hold us back as Humans. Our Movies & TV series have been trying to teach-Wake us up

to many truths for Decades. We all just thought it was a TV Show without any deep meaning behind it, just like in the Wizard of OZ 1939 Folks,

this game of Deception has been going on for Thousands & Thousands of years. From the OZ Movie of 1939,

the Book written much earlier is: Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain.

Take a Moment to think of all the programs you might have watch thru the years and what was a side message to humanity,

Twilight Zone? Outer Limits? Night Gallery, Star Trek Series, Battle Star Galactica, Star Wars, even the Wild Wild West show.

Yes many programs were also used to spook us in the negative direction....but its time to WAKE UP Folks.

"Space the Final Frontier" is Knocking on OUR Door and its NOT least Not now. Remember what I said about Belief, Nasa was the Allure of Hope also sets the Hook

Boy did they, all while Deceiving- Lying what was really going on Behind the Curtain and Yes, All the Major Power Countries Knew what has been going on for decades.

Treaties were signed, specifically directed at these Power countries for denying knowledge to the Masses, of the Secret Space Program

which was Born in the late 40's out of WW2 Break Away German Group.

Again just click the pic above to got to "Dr Michael Salla's" article & Web Site with many other truths he has spoke of about to unfold.

NOTE: Religious leaders just met days ago, find that article link here World Religions Unite as Prelude to Extraterrestrial Disclosure

It real FOLKS. The sooner you get active, Learn to Understand the hidden Truths & Why these were used. Discern the truths unfolding the better it will be for you.


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