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Posted by Southpaw on Nov 14, 2016 - 09:13 AM

Hello Deadhead's Peachhead's & Music heads....."Click Read More Lower Left"


Hello Deadhead's Peachhead's & Music heads.

Starangers Stopping Strangers is a Podcast from Staci Smith, who is a BIG Fan of the Grateful Dead as I am too aka....Deadheads.

This is what she wrote from her website and I think its perfect plus makes it easier for me, Copy = Paste....Ha.

Deadheads are a community that transcends all walks of life; where we live, what we do, and what kind of jobs we have.
There is a link to one another through the music, lyrics and experiences that is special.

“Strangers Stopping Strangers… just to shake their hands” is a podcast adventure within the community to discuss the music,
how it shaped us in the past and today, with connections to songs, shows, and people.

Everyone has their story that makes up their soundtrack. Looking forward to sharing experiences with friends,
family, and—of course—all the former strangers I meet along the way.

Please check out Strangers Stopping Stranger Podcast, and enjoy this journey with Her…..Click the Pick and it will take you to Strangers Stopping Strangers Website

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