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Posted by Southpaw on Jul 17, 2017 - 07:26 AM

New Ducklings

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Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the "Curtain" Articles / Site Links

You will Notice, some of the Links say BRAND NEW in CYAN Color, was posted the Day of or 2 weeks up and
BRAND NEW & NEW in HOT PINK Color is 2nd week & On and it's Just that. Salmon in Color Corresponds to Last Year Articles.

These are Brand New Articles I have found on my research. Hopefully this will make it a little easier to Find & Understand, Guess I will find out.

"New" Articles are just a bit Older or the current Year 2017 and then down the Line. Folks who visit, It's time to Wake up on what has been happening for Decades
in Our Timeline but for Thousands of years of Hidden Knowledge.

If you are Unaware of a Tool that would help you in life, you Don't think about it, you don't reach for it. You Don't re Create from it.
There has been so much hidden from us to keep us held back and Mostly to try to prevent this Timeline that is currently unfolding.

The Bad Guys and in a short time you will Know who these folks are, this is what they Never ever wanted to come about.
All thru History it has been One Diversion after another, every reroute, Slide of Hand, all to prevent us from Knowing the truth.

If we Know the truth, we Humanity knows the Tools to help us through Life and they Never ever wanted this...Please Go Look,

NO not everything is Pretty, as a Matter of fact some is Very UGLY but if we are ever to Break this Cycle of Enslavement, Our Consciousness must group together,
this is How we Connect, this is How we will never ever let this happen anywhere again.

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